The Property

The numbers of Villa Orchestra

6 luxury suites independent of each other, arranged on 4 levels overlooking the sea at 180 degrees, to offer you breathtaking views of the sea and the unspoiled nature of the southern Sardinian coast.

The Villa can also be rented completely for an exclusive holiday in total privacy: 13 bedrooms, 13 bathrooms, 5 kitchens and all the facilities present in the common areas of the property.

The spaces of Villa Orchestra Sul Mare offer to those who stay:

  • 2 large infinity pools, deep enough to take a dip, cantilevered and without railings, for uninterrupted views
  • 1 heated whirlpool
  • 3 barbecues on the two extreme levels of the property, which you can freely use to organize a barbecue
  • 5 panoramic terraces
  • 1 sun terrace
  • 3 pergolas arranged on 3 different levels with large tables to organize splendid breakfasts with a sea view, family lunches and dinners with friends
  • Wi-Fi in all Suites
  • Laundry room with 1 washing machine and 1 dryer
  • Parking area with 5 parking spaces


The sea from the cliff

The sea from the cliff: the entrance to the sea is easily accessible by accessing the cliff below Villa Orchestra via a panoramic staircase for the exclusive use of the Villa.

If you like to swim, on calm sea days it will be wonderful to snorkel, with fins, mask and snorkel, the seabed and the marine nature that inhabits the ravines of the cliff!


The sea from the beach of Genn’e Mari

The sea from the beach of Genn’e Mari: clearly visible from the terraces of Villa Orchestra, the beach of Genn’e Mari is lapped by crystal clear blue water and outlined by soft white sand.

It is the second and most convenient access to the water from Villa Orchestra, reachable in just 6-8 minutes by walking down from the Villa following a dedicated path. Here in summer there is a bathing establishment with all the catering services, umbrellas and sunbeds.