A natural luxury

Barefoot Luxury

With the property of Villa Orchestra Sul Mare, Ela – Sardinia in Villa wants to offer the Guest a place dedicated to the concept of “barefoot luxury”. Here, the wild beauty of nature perfectly embodies the concept of natural luxury
where you can take off the image you wear every day to rest in your most authentic and genuine essence. Time stops here and returns spaces of Inner Life to the Guest.

The context of the location comes to the rescue: you will fall in love with the impervious and exclusive allure of Torre Delle Stelle, a village perched on the sea that is truly unique in Sardinia, with its narrow, irregular and unadorned white streets.

Music and Art

This return to natural luxury is satisfied and fueled by Music and Art, the central theme that gives the name to Villa Orchestra Sul Mare and which is found in the many elements that identify the spaces in the Villa.

The works of Sardinian and Italian artisans form a bridge with Art and Music to stimulate an immersive experience with nature and a sense of beauty.